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Garage Door Repair Malden MA

Here at Garage Door Repair Malden MA we know the garage door is an integral part of any home which serves as a secondary entrance and provides security to the items that have been stashed in the garage. Since this door is constantly in use, it can develop faults pretty quickly and stop working. If this happens then the security of your home will be compromised and any burglar or stray animal can get easy access to the stuff that is present in the garage. To stop this from happening, it is imperative that you check your garage door from time to time and call in a professional repair service immediately if you spot a fault in the working of the door. We are one of the best service providers of garage repair in Malden and can get the job done both quickly and safely.




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Springs have a significant role to play in the proper functioning of a garage door. They keep the door balanced and ensure that it opens and closes in a smooth manner. A fault or break in the spring can cause unnecessary loads on the other parts of the garage door which can lead to more complex problems.

A spring has a limited lifespan which is measured in terms of cycles. Once the spring has completed its set number of cycles then it becomes vulnerable to wear and tear and starts losing its elasticity. To ensure that the springs are working perfectly, it is important that they are replaced before all of their cycles are consumed.

Our technicians can repair garage door spring in Malden with great accuracy and precision. Thus, if you find the need to replace your garage door spring then just give us a call.

The opener of the garage door is the mechanism that makes it all work. Before the 1940s, garage door mechanisms were manual, which meant that you would have to get out of your car to open the door. The convenience of technology today has changed all of that and allows you to control the door remotely.

While the electronic mechanism had been introduced fairly early, current systems have become much more complex as security is made tighter through technological advancements. Other than the remote opening capability, you may even have an electronic keypad with a security code on the garage structure itself that would serve as the opener.

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